Bor-It Auger

Horizontal Auger - available in sizes 4" to 72" in diameter

Our full line of 4" through 72" diameter heavy-duty auger delivers the ultimate in long lasting dependability. Constructed with 1026 DOM (Drawn over Mandrel) tube for uniform wall thickness throughout the length of tube.

  • 5/16" wall thickness for 2 1/4" hex
  • 1/2" wall thickness for 3" & 4" hex
  • 5/8" wall thickness for 5" hex

We use overlapping flights made from domestic A-36 prime plate, 3/8" thick with an option of 1/2" thick flite. Bor-It Augers are welded on both sides of the flite for extra strength. The shanks are heat treated/hardened high tensile alloy steel hex material which provides greater strength and longer life. Close tolerances between the male and female hexes adds additional strength.

Hex sizes from 1 3/8" to 5" are available. Our auger is compatible with other brands in the field.

The Bor-It Auger is unmatched in quality and strength.