Bor-It Cutting Head Accessories

Bor-It offers a complete range of accessories to maximize the use and value of these high-quality cutting heads and augers. Available from stock are lead screws, core screws, cutting blades, carbide and borium chippers, as well as hex adapters and shanks.


Auger Parts
Worn or damaged augers can be refurbished with Bor-It replacement hex shanks, hex bushings, and auger flite upon request. Don't forget spare auger pins.



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Cutting Head Parts
The body of your Bor-It cutting head will have a long life if it is used properly and the cutting tools are maintained. Sharp and properly selected tools will protect your heads from becoming too worn to use. Bor-It supplies replacement carbide teeth, holders, lead screws, and chippers. All items are stocked and can be shipped the same day.

Hex Sleeve
Hex sleeves can be utilized in a situation where it is necessary to adapt a hex size down without inserting dead space into the drill string.




Male to Female Adapter
Bor-It Adapters are made tough in order to handle the jobs where it is necessary to adapt hex size up or down. Sizes available from 1-3/8" up to 5" hex.


Male to Male Adapters
Bor-It Male to Male Adapters are heat treated to the proper hardness in order to handle tough jobs where it is necessary to adapt hex. Sizes available from 1-3/8" up to 5" hex.






Remote Elevation Indicator
The Bor-It REI is an accurate and inexpensive method of monitoring when your casing deviates from the boring grade. When a bore goes above or below the intended level, an indicator board provides a precise reading of the bore's variation from grade. Hoses, three sensing heads, and detailed instructions are included.